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New sketch of Ventnor

Some of the shops are starting to open again and yesterday I went to stock up at Ventnor Botanic Gardens.

Having driven over there I thought it a perfect opportunity to do some location sketching with the idea of a Ventnor picture for my colouring book I’m compiling. I have a good selection of Isle of Wight pen drawings ready to go but none of Ventnor apart from the spot designs and Christmas scene. I decided to do the view from behind the spyglass, I have done paintings from the zig zag road before but it is the most amazing view and worthy of another rendition.

Once I have decided upon a view I stand there and view for a while, I work out what I want to get in and then look for patterns within the scene and a way of doing the composition so your eye is led round the picture and back to where you started.

The parade in this scene had a swooping curve taking you along the seafront up the cliff and back along as well as the other way along the sheltered haven and back along the waves.

It was really tricky to get all the buildings in such a small area to scale but I think I have managed it. I had a small moment of joy when the two sides matched up 🙂

The waves were massive yesterday with thundering black clouds and apart from a couple of spots mercifully it didn’t rain.

When I got back to the other side of the island it had rained so much rivers had formed on our gravel drive and the path was covered in mud – a lucky escape.