Commission a painting


If you have an idea for your own painting you can commission one.
Prices include up to 20 people (£50 extra for more), any scene of your choice including cars, pets, boats – the options are endless.
You will need to provide a good (copy-write free) photo of everyones face, full body, height, age, hair colour, clothing details, desired pose/activity.
Figures can be set into a scene of your choice, a lot of people choose house portraits but you can also choose a location and I can give you a choice of views.
Time scale will be confirmed with your order, you can also order prints or cards of your commission for family members at the usual prices.

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16 x 20" frame with a painting 39 x 28cm, 40 x 30cm frame with a painting 29 x 20cm, 70 x 50cm frame with a painting 60 x 40cm, A4 frame with a painting 24 x 15cm, Commissioned figure inserted into a 16 x 20 inch print, Commissioned figure inserted into an A4 print