420 – Appley Vista – Ryde




The light was really special at Appley on the day I drew this. There were many views I could have chosen but in my head I wanted to paint a vista. I wanted to draw the trees with the beach, sea and tower behind. This proved to be trickier than I thought as the trees were fairly dense , but eventually I found a gap between the trees. It was next to a massive empty picture frame which you could take your photo in so I obviously wasn’t the only one to decide that was the best view. The scene was exciting to draw because of the people moving on many different levels and paths, all partaking in different activities.I sat there for about 2 1/2 hours so was pretty numb by the end but had managed to do some of the pen work on location and think the work has a really nice feel as a result.

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£15 – A4 mount (23cm x 14cm print), £2.50 – Card folded to A6, £35 – 16"x20" mount (print 14.5" x 10.5"), £60 – A2 Print unmounted