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A rising tide at Steephill Cove

There is going to be an illustration exhibition next weekend at Northwood House Hall

I will be displaying my new work of Steephill Cove there and here is the work in progress.

I started by sketching on location (mainly in pencil) so the people in it are real and were there. When we arrived there was a nice bit of beach but by the time we left I was perched on a rock being splatted by the waves. So I had to make a decision about where the tide was and I settled in the middle.
Firstly I used my dip pen to outline and sketch in the scene then I painted in the shadows to give it depth and some yellow edges to give it a warm end of day feel and drama. From that point on I have painted it in more or less the actual colours, I was pleased with the wet in wet mix of colours in the middle of the sand – I need to do more of this. Also the frothy wave in the foreground which I splatted first with midnight blue then white gouache to give the effect of the splash. I’m really pleased with how it has come out and really enjoyed the new larger size paper

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